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Mulching Sheets are the protective sheets/covers that are used to control the weather’s effect. These covers the ground like a blanket and used at the start of the vegetation season. It is one of the most beneficial techniques to create barrier against unwanted weeds growth as it regulates the moisture content but also humidity, carbon dioxide, and create proper temperature and micro-climate for the crops.     


The main functions of a mulching sheet are balancing the moisture level of the soil, maintaining the temperature at the root level, improving the microbial activity, and any others. It even decreases the chances of soil erosion and provides necessary nutrients. 


Mulch-IT Plastic mulching sheets provide warmth to the soil during winter, retain the soil’s moisture level and eliminate weeds. Whereas, clear mulches are used encourages faster growth, reduce weed and feed warmth. 

Mulch-IT is available in 21 and 25 Microns, 3.25 FT and 4 FT with 400 Meters length


Feature & Advantages:
•    UV stabilized increased the life of crop and helps to save crop from harmful ultraviolet rays
•    Anti -Sulphur reduces the impact of sulphur on the sheets which helps the sheet to last long
•    99% Sunblock for soil temperature balance and maximum crop protection
•    Reduces fertilizer leaching as the sheet keeps it intact within the crop
•    specially Engineered for farmers and Tested quality mulch from CPET
•    Virgin Plastic to provide extra strength to the sheets
•    Bi-coloured mulching films reduce soil compaction


•    Less consumption of water & fertilizer
•    Stops unwanted growth of weeds saving the energy of the plant
•    Anti-UV ensures stops passage of UV Rays, reducing manual weeding and herbicide use.
•    Root pruning is eliminated 
•    Early and better harvest
•    Maintain soil Temperature and Minimizes evaporation
•    Balances the soil moisture which enhances crop quality
•    Ensures cleaner vegetables, maintains quality & beauty of fruits for high market price
•    Reduces drowning of crops saving losses



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Test Report 21 Microns

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Test Report 25 Microns

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