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AgroStar Press update and this blog too!

Success stories have to be shared, for they motivate people inside to continue working hard with the same undying passion that helps the company reach the next levels of success. These stories shared outside also motivate people, to believe in what they’ve started and it encourages them to strategize better and work harder. Here are some excerpts from the article about AgroStar, published in today’s city edition of Sakal, a Marathi daily that ranks among the top 10 language dailies of India. Farmers in India, have to travel roughly 3 to 20 kms to buy quality seeds, fertilizers and other farm inputs that are required. Today, the same farmers get all their agri-input requirements delivered at their doorstep, thanks to the solutions based approach driven by AgroStar. Assured quality products, genuine bills with each delivery, call centers accessible through a mere missed call and crop specific agri information are the top line features of AgroStar. Ever since the introduction of What’s App, when farmers also started using it, AgroStar started getting enquiries from farmers asking for a mobile app. With a lot of user experience research and analysis, the dedicated technology team at AgroStar developed an Android application that today is a one stop shop for all the solutions provided by AgroStar and it has been helping farmers with a better today and assures a brighter future. One of the best solutions provided by AgroStar is the availability of a panel of agronomy experts who continuously provide assistance to farmers for all queries they have with farming. The agronomy panel advises on diverse topics like changing crop patterns in a region to advice on fertilizers and nutrition requirements needed for a crop type. AgroStar has been successfully providing many time-saving, cost saving and multi-beneficial solutions for the benefit of the farmers in India. A personalized touch and a wow experience is what AgroStar truly believes in. The dedicated calls centers in Ahmedabad for the state of Gujarat, in Pune for the state of Maharashtra, and a call center in Jaipur for Rajasthan, consists of professionals with an educational background in Agriculture, from distinguished universities of India. Due to the relentless efforts of these teams, farmers today need not depend on middlemen for their requirements as they can confidently bank on AgroStar. As on date, AgroStar has received more than 20 lakh missed calls from the three states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.  The Digital India initiative rolled out by the current Government has enabled the availability of smart phones and internet even in the remote rural areas of India. Strongly equipped with technological expertise in-house and due to the benefits of the Digital India initiative, AgroStar has been able to spread its usefulness to farmers with ease. With so much more to be done, the journey has just begun. Agri-Intelligence solutions, digital disease-pest diagnostic tool to increase the yield of crops and analytics and data science backed solution recommendations for farmers to increase yields are just some of the initiatives in the pipeline. The vision is to bring a phenomenal change to farming in India and change the lives of farmers for good.

Originally posted on Linkedin Blog

Author: Asha Panicker, Manager – Content at AgroStar


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