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Another upbeat addition to AgroStar’s leadership — Hitesh Joshi

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

A warm welcome to Hitesh Joshi who has joined our Galaxy at AgroStar. With a solid experience in scaling multiple startups like Truce, Box 8, and Plantix, Hitesh joins us to drive Strategic Initiatives at AgroStar.

Let’s get to know more about him:

1. What are Hitesh’s superpowers?

Hitesh brings along marked experience in nurturing new ideas around strategic initiatives, setting up operations at a ground level, and making them core business pillars.

2. At AgroStar, which key strategic initiative would you be starting off with?

Credit is one of the key enablers of B2B commerce across all industries. To begin with, Hitesh would be working on the seamless integration of embedded credit for our Retail partners, followed by strengthening our relationship with higher financial inclusion.

This would definitely lead to opportunities to solve the Herculean problem statement of financing for farmers, exploring multiple models, and building products for #HelpingFarmersWin.

3. What mentoring can you offer to fellow AgStars?

Everyone learns from each other so while I am looking forward to enhance my learning, I can help with the following from my end:

  • How to approach any problem through the first principles approach: The strength of any solution has a direct correlation with how you approach the problem & the first principles approach has helped me a lot personally. Helping fellow AgStars to break down a problem statement and apply a first principles approach to it, is something I can guide people with.

  • Empathy is something that I firmly believe in and it is an inherent part of that way I work. Working at AgroStar, a heavily culture driven organisation, I am excited to contribute to the culture as well with empathy driven leadership.

4. What do you love to do in your spare time?

Light reading, exploring food & spending time with my daughter.

5. What’s the most inspiring thing recently heard by you?

Companies or startups don’t need a single Superman or a Wonder Woman who can shake the world down in a day. Companies are built on consistent efforts by everyone who is a part of it. So everyone should give their 80–100% everyday instead of 200% once in a while.

Wishing you the very best Hitesh. Super excited to have you onboard. Onward & Upwards! #HelpingFarmersWin

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