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Customer service has the power to transform lives for better

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Hello readers,

I am Prajwalit Kharmate and I have been working at AgroStar as a Customer Service Representative for almost a year now. I help farmers win by providing them solutions for all farming related problems and I do that over calls.

Very recently, I got an opportunity to actually visit the farm of one of our valuable customers, Mr. Pandurang Lavhale, a resident of Parbhani district. Lavhale has been associated with AgroStar since 2 years and my first personal meeting with my farmer turned out to be an extremely fulfilling one with lot of learning from the visit.

While last year, Pandurang Lavhale had got a record breaking yield of cucumber through our services, this year, he had decided to grow Watermelon for the first time. Since he was growing it for the first time, he decided to use our ‘Gold Treatment’. In Gold Treatment, along with a kit that contains the right seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, we provide constant and timely guidance to farmers, right from soil preparation to harvesting.

Expressing his happiness over the Gold Treatment, Mr. Lavhale told me, “As

He further added, “As rural agriculture is going through modernization and any complaint is resolved through mobile or a phone call within moments, services like these prove to be very helpful for farmers. As we get all the services like information, seeds, medicines and implements required for the crop life cycle and they being delivered right at our doorstep, we can now escape frauds from other sources and farm confidently.”

I was deeply humbled on hearing these kind words of praise from Pandurang Lavhale. In fact, post harvesting, when I got to know that Lavhale earned a profit of almost one lakh rupees from his watermelon, I felt very happy that I could contribute to the farmer’s 50% increase in his yield and thereby achieve AgroStar’s mission of Helping Farmers Win.

Being part of India’s leading Agri Tech Company, that helps farmers reduce their cost and increase their yield, I feel extremely proud of my Company and of the impact that my customer service creates.

Jai Kisan!

Author: Prajwalit Kharmate, On behalf of the Agronomy & Call Center Team

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