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​Referral Terms & Conditions

  • AgroStar referral program allows you to earn rewards by referring AgroStar App to your friends.

  • Referee/Farmer B Reward: Users that create an account on the app using a referral link, get rewards upto Rs.120 which can be claimed when purchasing other products from the app.

  • Referrer/Farmer A Reward: Farmer A can earn 2 rewards for a single friend.
    1. When the friend of a user registers on AgroStar app then the referrer can get reward upto Rs. 30 and
    2. when the referee places a successful order then the referrer will get rewards upto Rs.150

  • 1 AgroStar point will be equivalent to Rs.1.


What is a successful order?

When the user places an order on the app and order gets delivered.


What is a valid referral?

  1. For a given phone number if the referee installs the AgroStar app and also creates an account on the AgroStar app for the first time then it will be considered as a valid referral.

  2. If a user uninstalls the app and then installs it again then they are not qualified for referral.

  3. If a user installs the app on a new phone but registers with a mobile number which is already registered with us then it does not qualify as a referral.


How do I invite my friends?

To invite friends you can click on the ‘Invite your Friends’ button in your profile and use WhatsApp or other mediums to share your referral link.                          


Can I invite a friend from a different state?

  1. Yes but depending on the availability of our services we may or may not be able to serve you or your friends.

  2. In case both referee and referrer are from the states which are serviceable by AgroStar, the referrer will get the rewards as per the referral policy in referee farmer’s state.                 


When will I get my reward?

  1. Referee/Farmer B will get the reward as soon as they complete their registration on the app.

  2. Referrer will get the their first reward once the referee registers on the AgroStar app using the referrer's shared link and second reward when the referee places a successful order on the AgroStar app.


How many friends I can invite?

There is no limit to the number of friends you can invite. But in a month you can earn rewards for only 10 friends who are successfully referred.


Will I need a referral Code?

No need for a referral code. We will map you with your referee if he/she will use your shared link to install the app.

Ensure that your invites uses your referral link only for you to be eligible for referral reward


What is the validity of my reward?

  1. For Referee - Referee should use AgroStar rewards earned within 30 days after registration. After 30 days these rewards will expire.

  2. For Referrer-  Referrer will have 45 days to use AgroStar rewards earned through referral. After 45 days these earned rewards will expire.


Can Agrostar rewards be transferred?

AgroStar points cannot be transferred or exchanged in any form of money. Agrostar points accrued in multiple accounts cannot be transferred or merged in one or multiple accounts in any scenario.


Termination and Change

  1.  AgroStar may, without any notice may suspend or terminate or change any terms and conditions of this  referral Policy at any time.

  2.  Reward structure for both referee and referrer can also change at any time.

  3.  AgroStar reserves the right to suspend or remove accounts if it notices any activity that it believes is inappropriate.


Updates to T&C

AgroStar can update these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice and the Referee and Referrer understand that they have no right to claim any reward against the Company.This page will be modified to show updated terms and conditions.

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