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Announcing the AgroStar Tech blog

Here is a new platform for sharing fun stuff that we do at AgroStar Tech.

In the early days of any startup, the pace is so hectic that you don’t have time to sit back, reflect and feel proud of things you have achieved. But that time eventually comes, and we think it has just arrived for the AgroStar technology team.

We are proud of what we have achieved and want to share some of it with the world.

Why a Separate Tech blog?

We already have an AgroStar company blog. But we wanted a separate tech blog to let engineers and other technology professionals follow a publication focused on technology. By following our main company blog, they would get exposed to other content they may not be interested in. But by following the tech blog, they will see how we use technology to solve problems and maybe learn a few things quickly that we have learnt the hard way.

What we will write about

We will share things that other tech teams may find helpful:

  1. Tech Problems that we solved, that others may face too

  2. Innovative ways of doing things that others could learn from

  3. Some things that we are just proud of

  4. Other stuff that we just found interesting

The start

I am proud to announce our first blog from Sanket, the engineer who wrote the first line of code for our AgriDoctor Android app, nourished it, and scaled it up to five million downloads! Do read this post about his remarkable journey.

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