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Market Linkage

The Challenge?

Farmers toil hard on their farms throughout the year to grow healthy crops and earn a good income. However, while they work hard and brave all odds on their farm, a typical marginal farmer of India faces the big problem of a broken agriculture supply chain. They struggle with accessibility to the right markets and fail to get the right price for their produce. The other factors that make market linkages even more challenging are transport logistics, lack of storage facilities, too many intermediaries and traceability issues for the buyers, especially exporters.


As an agrarian nation, while India has a huge potential for exports, farmers do not know how to connect to the best buyers and interact with them.

The Solution

With close to ten years of working closely with over five million farmers across five states, AgroStar has been solving problems of agri inputs accessibility and helping farmers with scientific farm practices to solve the knowledge gap. We are now closing the agri value chain loop with our next big leap to fulfil the most popular ask of our farmers – Market linkages.
With in-house tech capability, at AgroStar, we have upgraded our ecosystem to enable the procurement of farm produce from farmers and provide direct access to the best buyers, thereby creating avenues for farmers to fetch the best rate for their output.

Our strength lies in our extensive database that covers deep farmer data. With data points that include, location, sowing date, harvest date, seed variety sown by farmers, treatment followed for crops and harvest pictures indicating the quality of the produce. These data points enable us to identify farmers at scale and link them forward to the right customers (domestic or export). Moreover, a detailed understanding of how the crop has been grown allows us to provide traceability and transparency to the end consumers.

We recently acquired INI Farms, a successful and reputed Indian company on the farm output side. Over the course of a decade, INI Farms has built a great brand in the export market, with quality and safety as their pillars. Their brand 'Kimaye' is the largest Indian exporter of pomegranates and bananas. INI Farms have a global distribution channel across thirty-five countries. With robust infrastructure in place, across  sorting, ripening, grading and packaging, INI Farms takes great pride in reducing agricultural waste.

The power lies in AgroStar’s world-class tech capability and enormous database, combined with INI Farms’ strong sourcing infrastructure with inbuilt SOPs. With a guarantee of global quality standards and the strong network of farmers and customers respectively on both sides, the combined entity will now focus on the mission of Helping Farmers Win. 

Our foray into the Output side has opened new doors of opportunities for farmers to sell domestically and internationally as we will facilitate 100% farmgate sourcing for potential buyers.

AgroStar is all set to grow the domestic and export output business with multiple crops and will also expand to new regions. 

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The AgroStar advantage:

  1. Access to the largest digital farmer network in the country to increase supply across 30 fruits and vegetables. 

  2. An integrated supply chain powered by technology, data science, infrastructure, SOPs and a logistics network.

  3. A clear visibility around supply through historical and live farm data coupled with weather forecast to build a predictive model on the back of data science and machine learning.

  4. Real-time demand visibility and better prices for farmers, and fresh produce at competitive prices with better traceability to buyers. 

  5. Reduction in agriculture wastage and better food accessibility to consumers.

  6. And most importantly, Helping Farmers Win by improving their incomes.

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Exporting to top international retailers

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