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Agri Inputs

The Challenge?

Farm inputs, just like farming practices, traditionally relied on well-established but archaic systems. Such systems were not completely accessible at the village levels. There was a major gap in the availability of good quality agri inputs. What was available at the village level was mostly manufactured locally or there remains a problem of duplicate and adulterated products. Over 50% of the market comprises local, unbranded, poor-quality products. Another key problem that continues to exist is that farmers are often misguided on the agri inputs to be used, be it seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, or farm implements. Their lack of awareness about products available and traditional farming has been the main reasons why farmers have fallen into the trap of misguidance and cheating. The retailers and the local community are not uniformly aware of the latest innovation and updates related to progressive farming.

It is little wonder that farmers end up compromising on the one thing that is central to their success or failure - the farm inputs they use that help them sustain quality and ensure better yields.

The Solution

Our ground presence and intense research at the start of our journey made us realize this deep-rooted and grave problem of farmers. We realized that solving this problem will have a huge impact, not just on farmers, but on the agricultural sector of India. We decided to solve it. Inspired by the e-commerce based solutions that were available in urban cities, we thought of replicating the model in rural, albeit with innovative alternatives to tackle the challenges of the rural setup.

Back then in 2013 while our model to connect was based on a missed call to our toll-free number, thanks to the penetration of smartphones and internet to every nook and corner of the country, our tech solutions have adapted and scaled with changing times, helping us to deliver our promise of Helping Farmers Win.

Over the years we have slowly and steadily partnered with reputed players, big and large in the agri input space, and have made a wide range of products available to all farmers across our states of operation. By ensuring we only work with reputed brands and sourcing directly from them we have eliminated fake and duplicate products in the system. Thus, farmers buying agri-inputs from AgroStar can rest assured about the authenticity and quality of the products.


Today AgroStar is associated with the majority of the highly reputed agri input brands and that includes names like Bayer, Rasi Seeds, Tata Rallis, FMC, Indofil, Dhanuka,  etc. 

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Our tech-enabled fulfillment centers across all states of operations have an in-built full-stack model and control our entire supply chain and farmer experience. The unit-level barcoding in our fulfilment centers is an industry first.

Our last-mile delivery network of more than three hundred partners is today facilitating the agri-input supply chain until the last mile. All of this is ably channelized through the AgroStar advantage which is our strong technology, data, agronomy capability, and omnichannel access to AgroStar value propositions - through the AgroStar app, our Agri Advisory Centers and our AgroStar Saathi Retail Stores.

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