Agri Inputs

The Challenge?

Farm inputs, just like farming practices, have traditionally relied on well established but archaic systems. Such systems were faulty, full of pilferages, unguaranteed and unreliable from the start. As a result most farmers suffer from little or no access to quality inputs, no knowledge towards procuring better inputs and no accessibility to a better & just system. It is little wonder that farmers end up compromising on the one thing that is central to their success or failure - farm products/inputs that help sustain quality and ensure better yields. 

The Solution

AgroStar started its operations by launching a customer care toll-free helpline back when Amazon was yet to be launched in India and Flipkart was trying to sell books! Back then the aim was to let as many farmers know as possible that they no longer rely on faulty marketplaces, unreliable agents/middlemen, and archaic systems to try buying quality farm products. By launching a toll-free helpline numbers where farmers need to only give a ‘Missed Call’ so that our experts could then call them back to guide them in buying quality farm products, we slowly made inroads into a very traditional and deeply conservative market. 


As technology progressed, as the world became more connected and as industries became hyper local, we evolved from having just a toll free helpline approach to multiple options from where our farmer fraternity could connect with us. While technology has been the enabler here, allowing us to evolve our AgroStar app as a one stop solution for all farming needs, equally important is the fact that our 7 star delivery experience including providing a fool-proof invoice (pukka bill), AgroStar branded packaging and delivering at farmer doorstep, also has gone a long way in making farmers realize that there is a far easy & simpler way to access quality farm products/inputs for their farming needs. 


Today the AgroStar platform is not just the app but also the agri advisory center, our retail stores,our fulfillment centers, and our last-mile delivery network, all of which are connected by technology platforms that rival the best in the business and allow us to deliver quality farm inputs to the farmers when they need and where they need.