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Omnichannel Access

The Challenge?

New-age Indian farmers are rapidly warming up to the use of digital channels for seeking a scientific & tech-enabled approach to make farming more efficient and profitable and Agrostar has successfully broken the tech barrier to onboard millions of farmers on our digital platform. While this is a progressive step towards making Indian farming scientific and modern, the truth is that a truly wide-level outreach in the farmer fraternity is not feasible if one is to restrict itself to digital channels only. To truly embark on a journey where millions more across the length & breadth of the country can join the tech-enabled revolution and to penetrate deeper in the market, offline channels are as significant as online ones.

The Solution

AgroStar has been a pioneer in leading the digital revolution in the Indian Agriculture domain and our digital channels have been dominating in all the markets where AgroStar is present. With a leadership position in almost all aspects of agriculture - Agri Inputs, Agri Advisory, and the farm fraternity’s social network - we have had the privilege of being closely associated with farmers at the grass-root level. We have been witness to farmers' voices and what they truly seek. 

Our digital channels allowed us 2 critical things:

a) They allowed us to make deeper inroads into the traditional mindset of farmers and thereby break the tech barrier and make all farmers tech-savvy to use our digital channels.

b) They allowed us to gain their trust. Once this trust was gained we heard the stories, the woes, the common asks of our farmers and understood their challenges better. 

We realized that sticking to digital-only channels or online presence only would restrict us from delivering our value propositions to our end customers. 

We have aggressively scaled our offline presence to over 7000 stores. Today we are proud of our smart combination of online digital channels that are coupled with a huge network of offline retail stores across the market of five states. This combined online-offline effort is targeted towards providing a complete omnichannel experience to our farmers. Irrespective of how a farmer chooses to interact with us or avail of our services they would get the same experience, no matter the medium. 

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We have carefully aligned our offline and online channels in such a way that farmers can start their journey with us through any of our channels as per the preference and convenience of the farmer and continue interacting with us through the crop lifecycle on the same or different channel again as per their choice and preference in a  seamlessly way.  Today we intend to ensure that our farmer fraternity feels truly empowered by the omnichannel platform we have at their service and stand true to our mission statement of Helping Farmers Win. 

Click here to download our retailer/AgroStar Saathi app.

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