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Farm Advisory Solutions

The Challenge?

Traditionally farming in India has always been a “family business”, being driven by traditional practices and advice that was passed from one generation to the next. There was very little consideration given to external factors such as progressive farm practices, changing climate conditions, soil quality, water availability, and using the right farm inputs. The compound effect was that the yields from Indian farms have been amongst the lowest in the world. As such, the Indian farming fraternity itself largely remained misinformed, disorganized, and ill-equipped towards best agriculture practices.

The Solution

To counter the traditional mindset of Indian farmers we built simple and easy-to-use tech-enabled solutions that could be easily adopted by the farmers. We have built a strong Agronomy tech stack, which enables us to give scientific information on demand to the farmer by taking into account their specific data inputs like their soil quality, water availability, stage of the crop, etc. With machine learning, our solutions continue to learn from 70 MN+ data points that we receive every month on the AgroStar app, making our advisory stronger every day. This information can be consumed by the farmer via all our channels. 

1. AgroStar App

With over 5 million downloads and a 4.4 rating on the Google PlayStore, the AgroStar app remains central to our content-first approach. It is a multilingual app, where farmers can post their agronomy queries, engage with their fellow farmers and purchase 100% original agri-inputs. 

The app has evolved into a thriving digital farmer network where engagement is growing mutlifold every year. We are seeing farmers increasingly post and engage with their network on the platform and video content has grown by 10X over the last 12 months.

The app also includes a virtual video guide with an exhaustive collection of over 3000 videos. Through these videos farmers now have access to stage-wise guidance for over 26 crops, in the form of short and snackable videos. 


The app also hosts webinars and Q&A sessions conducted by agri experts through Zoom calls and YouTube Live. These sessions have helped our farmers get detailed, interactive, and personalized advice on a range of farm-related issues including information on multiple crops, farming do’s & don’ts, farm nurturing tips, and other such valuable inputs. 


Our app follows a content-driven approach as the key strategy to help farmers with real-time solutions to the most common problems faced on their farms.


2. Agri Advisory Center

Our capability to provide advisory solutions through our tech platform is our strength. However, we strongly believe that for our set of customers the human connection is extremely important and necessary. Indian farmers are getting more progressive, with economical smartphones being easily available and better internet penetration being a common factor. Yet, they seek solace in human interactions on top of the tech platform. Hence, our Agri Advisory Center is the solution for them and it is focused on call-based servicing for farmer queries, giving direct access to have a personal one-on-one interaction with our in-house Agri experts. 

With more than 500 advisors servicing farmers, we run Asia’s largest agronomy contact center. Our agri-advisory team consists of well-trained & seasoned agri experts who are all subject matter experts, with their minimum qualification being B.Sc Agriculture. Add to that, most of them come from farmer families themselves. This helps our team to connect better with farmers and get a better pulse on their problems.

Leveraging this positive sentiment, our agri experts have been able to positively influence our farmers in rapidly adopting progressive farming practices and introducing the much-needed progressive approach to farming to better yields.

Our ‘Agri Doctors’ today have become an integral part of the lives of our farmers, and have developed a bond of a trusted partner to the farmers.

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