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Farm Advisory Solutions

The Challenge?

Traditionally farming in India has always been a “family business”, meaning that it was driven by traditional practices and advice that was passed from one generation to the next. There was very little consideration given to external factors such as changing climate conditions, soil quality, water availability, and using the right farm inputs. The compound effect was that the Indian farmer never progressed until lately and lagged behind his global peers. As such, the Indian farming fraternity itself remained misinformed, disorganized, and ill-equipped towards best practices in agriculture.

The Solution

To counter the traditional mindset of Indian farmers we took the help of technology to help our farmers leapfrog from traditional practices to progressive & tech-driven solutions. Primary amongst such solutions has been our content-led agronomy advisory solutions built on the back of a robust & scalable tech ecosystem. 


Our current Agronomy Advisory solution encompasses the following platforms that have been designed to help our farmers win:

1. AgroStar App

The highlight of our farm advisory is our AgroStar app. With over 5 million downloads on Google PlayStore, it is our flagship product which is available for free on the Google PlayStore and it is a multilingual app supporting most regional languages and dialects from India. While the app itself is a large ecosystem providing access to agri inputs to our farmers, along with a social networking platform to connect with other farmers, rich and helpful farm advisory available at the tap on a finger is the main highlight of the app.  

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The Krishi Charcha section has steadfastly become the go-to network for farmers to connect with each other, discuss common issues, post pictures of crops, seek advice, offer help or simply network with each other. The farming fraternity has seen farmers mushrooming into Social Influencers and driving conversations on varied farm-related topics. While the Krishi Charcha has spiraled into a social network of its own, it is ably monitored & moderated by our own team of agri advisors or ‘Agri Doctors’, as we call them. Our Agri Doctors are omnipresent in this section to help resolve issues in real-time and promptly reply to farmer queries and discussions, encouraging more user groups and community discussions. 

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Meanwhile, the Krishi Gyaan section is moderated by our ‘Center of Excellence” to work on giving constant information on agri inputs to be used, best farm practices, allied services, and guidance on stage-wise pest and disease occurrence in crops. It is a large resource pool with steady content that flows in, guiding farmers on a diverse range of topics such as crop management cycle, pest and disease management, Government subsidies, farming hacks used in India, use of science in agri, etc. The resource pool is full of articles, videos, and documents to help our farmers win. 


The app also has an exclusive virtual video guide feature called as AgroStar Gold. During the lockdown, this virtual guidance was initiated to make a more meaningful connection with our farmers and provide them with something innovative and useful. With an exhaustive collection of over 2500+ videos, farmers now have access to stage-wise guidance for over 40 crops, in the form of short and snackable videos. The AgroStar Gold feature in the app also hosts webinars and Q&A sessions conducted by agri experts through Zoom calls and YouTube Live. These sessions have helped our farmers get detailed and interactive advice on a range of farm-related issues including information on multiple crops, farming do’s & don’ts, farm nurturing tips, and other such valuable inputs. 

Our app boasts of rich and content-driven approach as a ket strategy to help farmers with solutions to the most common problems directly & instantly without the need for any interactions or dependencies on anyone.

2. Agri Advisory Center

While our Agronomy Advisory Solution is delivered on a data-driven tech platform with intelligent tech solutions acting as enablers for our farmers to easily & quickly seek the right advice, we feel that some human connection is necessary. Farmers are definitely getting more progressive but they still seek solace in human interaction on top of the tech platform.

Hence our Agri Advisory Center is focused on servicing farmer queries through our in-house Agri experts. Our niche is in the fact that we have an agri-advisory team of well-trained & seasoned agri experts who are all subject matter experts with at least being B.Sc Agriculture graduates. Add to that, most of them come from farmer families themselves. This helps our team to connect better with farmers and get a pulse of their problems. Leveraging this positive sentiment, our agri experts have been able to positively influence our farmers in rapidly adopting progressive farming practices and introducing a tech and data-driven approach towards farming.

Our ‘Agri Doctors’ today have become an integral part of the lives of our farmers, having developed a bond of a trusted partner to the farmers.