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AgroStar – Helping Farmers Win

I am AgroStar.

I have a tall mountain to climb,

where no one in the nation has trodden ever,

But I am firmly determined.

I have hundreds of hearts beating as one,

I have the best of brains calculating the sum,

of efforts that are needed to reach the goal

and I have hundreds of feet, doing the run.

The top of the mountain I cannot see now,

but my strong belief and willpower takes me along.

As I am Helping Farmers Win,

now that is exactly the mission tall.

Hungry and thirsty I may get in my quest,

But tired I will never be.

For I believe and I firmly believe in my mission

and the glory it will bring to farmers all.

As I run along, climbing up with all might.

Rain and sun I will bear strong.

For the silent prayers of thousand farmers and their families,

will continue to push my hundreds for everlasting long.

I am so happy when I see the smiles and change,

I will complete my mission and I will succeed with pride.

For my mission of Helping Farmers Win is very noble

and it’s my humble contribution to my motherland.

Penned by: Asha Panicker, Head – Content

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