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Story of Dipak Kadam - AgroStar Saathi partner from Maharashtra

"Saathi Anubhav," a captivating series where we delve into the experiences of our dedicated Saathi partners. Join us as we explore their remarkable journeys, insights, and the impactful role they play in our mission of Helping Farmers Win.

Here are excerpts from our conversation with Dipak Kadam, an AgroStar Saathi partner from Maharashtra:

How did you come to know about AgroStar and what inspired you to join our mission?

When I was pursuing the second year of my B.Sc. in agriculture in 2017, I needed a pump for my farm. While researching online for the latest applications, I came across the AgroStar app. At that time, I first requested a Gladiator pump online, but when I was told to order online, I had some doubts. However, after a quick conversation with an Agri Doctor from the AgroStar team, I got a lot of clarity and placed the order which was delivered within three days. It was so efficient, as no one in the market could provide such a quick service. So, I started recommending AgroStar to the farmers in my vicinity. Since then, I've helped around 100-150 farmers to order this pump from AgroStar.

Any experiences as a farmer or conversations as a Saathi partner that you would like to share after joining AgroStar?

Since I got to know about AgroStar, I have not only ordered products for myself but also for other farmers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when everyone had to stay home, farmers were unable to go out. I provided them with AgroStar products, which helped impact many people in our village. As a farmer, I gained a lot of practical experience and knowledge about different products. Having experience with various agricultural products, I could advise farmers about the right products and techniques for their specific needs. And now, after becoming a Saathi Partner, I can supply AgroStar products to the farmers in our region.

How has your personal and professional life changed after becoming an AgroStar Saathi?

After becoming an AgroStar Partner, I've noticed significant changes in my life. I've gained recognition in my community and among fellow farmers. Previously, I had to visit the market to buy all my farming supplies, but now everything is available in my store. In the times of Corona, everyone wanted products at home, so I delivered them to farmers. The positive change I've experienced is that I don't have to worry about the availability of products anymore. Having become a Saathi Partner, I can directly interact with customers, which I find very satisfying. I have learned how to practice modern farming methods and share that knowledge with other farmers. This is why I’m proud to be an AgroStar Saathi Partner.

What do your family and relatives think about you working with the AgroStar family?

My family members and relatives are very proud of my association with AgroStar. When there is any issue or if anyone faces problems on the field, they directly call me for help, send photos, or come to my AgroStar ki Laal Dukaan. Becoming a Saathi Partner has given me recognition in my society. I help fellow farmers, guide them in modern farming methods, and provide them with the best products. Thanks to AgroStar, I can manage my store and serve my community better.

Do you have any dreams or aspirations that you believe AgroStar is helping you achieve?

My dream is to become a successful entrepreneur and help the poor. I want to

help farmers in need. When I was young, I always dreamt of having a government job and running a business that could fulfill all my family's needs. Now, I'm a Saathi Partner with AgroStar, which is a big achievement for me. I have a lot of responsibilities and have gained recognition in society. My fellow farmer friends also seek my guidance on how to practice modern farming techniques, which gives me immense satisfaction. AgroStar has changed my life completely, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to help farmers and my community.

Is there a team member from AgroStar whom you would like to mention, who has inspired you to positively transform your AgroStar journey?

I would like to express my gratitude to all AgroStar team members who have been very helpful. Thanks to individuals like Mr Deepak Diwan, who have personally helped me grow in my role as a Saathi Partner. My relationship manager has also provided tremendous support. They have guided me in both helping farmers and in growing my business. I feel like a part of the AgroStar family, and I'm very grateful for that. I don't take much time to fulfil the orders of my customers, whether it's through direct calls or sending photos because I have all AgroStar products in my shop.


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