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Looking through the glass window

Working in a start-up is the new ‘normal’. People who once worked in corporate are looking out for new avenues to change their professional course, and take a piece of the start-up pie. The dynamic work culture, crazy work hours, power naps on bean bags and the constant buzz is all that an outsider can gauge. Talking of start-ups, if you would like to know what it is like to work at AgroStar, or how their recruitment process is, read on. As someone who recently joined AgroStar, the memory of my first interview is etched on my mind. From the time of the first phone call, till the first interview happened, I had already gotten a vibe of the work place. Asha, the one responsible for Content at AgroStar, asked me about my background, my family, and my reasons of wanting to move to Pune. Having a blog proved to be a big advantage, as she really seemed interested in knowing more about it. A few weeks later, when I had almost forgotten about this phone call, I got a call from her again, asking me to come to Pune for a personal interview. Having no idea what’s in store for me, I jumped at the opportunity. The personal interview session went on for almost an hour, where we covered varied topics for discussion like agriculture, start-ups, travel, food, shopping, writing and family etc. It felt more like a coffee table conversation, than a personal interview, which was a refreshing change. After the interview ended, she gave me an office tour and introduced me to a few people. Next was the HR round. I felt it was a bit intense, as the Head HR ditched traditional questions like ‘Why AgroStar?’ and instead asked me in-depth about my internships, a few technical questions related to them, what were my expectations from the role at AgroStar and what would be in store for me. He gave me a peek into what AgroStar work culture is like, to gauge if I can fit into the organization. Now I know, the reason why the HR round felt intense was because they take deep efforts to check for the right fit to ensure that the culture is maintained. When it ended, the day hadn’t ended, as I was given a few assignments to do post the interview, giving me a teaser of the work culture. A few things that stood out for me during my interview process at AgroStar were, how they really gave thrust on ‘people’ who joined their organization. I was surprised at how no one asked for a hard copy of my CV at any point during the interview.

It gave me a peek into the dynamic work culture, where certain things matter more than a piece of paper.

Small things like the security guard coming up to me and asking me how my day went and if I had gotten the job yet was endearing, which made the nurturing and humble aspect of the company quite apparent. The entire hiring process took just enough time to keep me hooked. I’m still learning on the job, one thing at a time. Everyday unveils a new experience for me, with me doing something off the cuff, which is another reason why AgroStar and me were the best match.

Author: Surabhi Mathur, Executive – Content at AgroStar

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