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Women Elevate Mentorship “Rise & Shine”

One day we received an email stating “Congratulations On being part of Elevate!!” After seeing this we were pleasantly surprised and were wondering what is this? After a while, we read this mail wherein whole information was given about #Elevate2022 Programme i.e. What is there for you, what is expected out of you and the motto behind this programme which touched our heart.

We feel proud because out of all women they selected only 25 women as #Elevatestars and we are one of them. We feel proud of ourselves because our work received recognition and they have provided us with an amazing opportunity. Our eyes were stuck on one sentence i.e. “Your growth is in your own hands”. At that time, we decided to give our best in this programme till the end. e had such an amazing kick-off session, a master class on “#Rise and #Shine”, and a panel discussion with mentors. Panel discussion allowed us to connect and understand the journey of the mentors and thereafter choose one of them.

We would like to share some of the core and impactful learnings below :

1. Power of subconscious mind: -

It is helping women and ourselves to grow personally. It seems if we are not consciously aware of our responsibilities then we have to reach into the subconscious mind and redefine and develop our perceptions and beliefs so that we can personally grow.

2. Work Priorities: -

It will help us to prioritize our work responsibilities depending on their importance. Prioritizing not only makes a person more efficient at daily work-related activities but also gives them the attitude to focus on their personal goals and by giving continuous efforts. Review constantly & be realistic and identify what’s important. It helps to strike the right balance to handle both our professional and personal life.

3. Being Financially Independent: -

As a woman, being financially independent is one of the most important aspects. It will provide self-confidence and self-motivation and will help us to reach newer heights. Sometimes it is difficult, but it will give us an enjoyable challenge, put us in charge, allow us to take full credit, and increase our satisfaction. Also, it will help in better living standards, higher financial security and most important role model for the next generation.

4. Building cheerleading community: -

Building a cheerleading community of women will help to maintain our work-life balance & also it will help to motivate & grow to the next level. It will provide emotional resilience. Developing a cheerleading community will help us to build trust with both personal and professional stakeholders.

5. Self-Doubt Analysis: -

Sometimes we doubt ourselves and our work when we think about the next steps of our growth. At that time we tend to have self-doubt in our subconscious minds. That time we need to create cheerleading people who support and motivate us and show us the right path and help us to

grow at the next level.

6. Social Media Attractive Learning: -

We are learning that Social Media is not only about Facebook and Instagram. It’s much more and the world of LinkedIn and Twitter has opened to us. Due to this, we feel that our learning horizons have widened, and there is a larger and more relevant pool of audiences that we can reach out to. It has increased awareness among people about what is happening in other parts of the world. It will help to facilitate faster and easier communication and also help to make ourselves visible and help to build loyalty and trust among the people.

Happy to share some beautiful changes in ourselves after these amazing sessions. For example, boosting our confidence, taking a stand for the team and ourselves, initiating new activities for the team members etc.

We read somewhere that the best leaders are the ones who are passionate about developing new and emerging #LEADERS — because true leaders don’t create more followers, they create more #LEADERS. We are very happy to say proudly that after the end of this programme we will definitely “#RISE and #SHINE” as leaders. After those amazing sessions, we feel absolutely confident that we will be able to enhance our leadership.


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